When you love what you do, it shows. And when it shows, more often than not, your work enjoys the privilege of worthy appreciation and recognition. At Vilas Javdekar Developers, our every thought, action and endeavour is guided by this very philosophy – We Love What We Do! This news section is dedicated for the achievements, activities, project launches and the moments of pride, milestones and strides that team VJ has been a part of, over the years.

Project level videos and Apartment level videos by VJ Parivaar


At Vilas Javdekar Developers, we care for our customers and understand their requirements as we know that they are the ones who’ve made us what we are.

Since the country has been gripped by the COVID pandemic for the past one year, lot of our home-buyers have been unable to visit the building sites or their apartments for updates and to check on the construction status. So, to keep them updated over the construction activities in their particular flats, VJ Parivaar and the VJ Sales team have taken the initiative to video shoot and present the building activities at all the ongoing projects and the apartments to notify the customers.

Accordingly, VJ in order to streamline the channel of communication between the sales team and the customers created two types of videos- Project level videos and Apartment level videos. For Project Level Videos, about 12 videos of 12 ongoing sites of VJ were shot and sent to the respective customers. The shoot gave an overview of the entire exterior and interior construction work and updates on society, amenities, podium, painting and brickwork completion etc.

For the Apartment Level Videos, the sales team shot about 2,132 personalized videos of individual apartments of the customers. The team gave a tour of each apartment and shot videos of the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and washrooms and also conversed in the preferred language of a particular customer to make them feel comfortable. All the videos were later sent to the customers on their registered mobile numbers via WhatsApp.

Efforts of the VJ Sales Team- Let’s hear it from them
The activity was a kind of experience for the VJ sales team, who took the efforts and shot the videos to present the status of the projects and the apartments. “It was quite a gruelling errand for us but nevertheless it was the most intriguing one and there was lot to learn from it. There was lots of preparation work to be done before shooting the videos and describing the construction status in detail,” said Shweta Uplap, Sales Manager with VJ.
“At one site, we actually had to climb 12 floors to describe the activities on each floor and apartments. We also had lunch sitting on the floor in the corridor. But nonetheless, it was unique and fun,” said Shreyas Kulkarni.

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