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Connecting Yashwin Hinjawadi homeowners with hope & belief


When the chips are down and the future seems uncertain, people need someone to give them belief about their life and things that matter to them. The residents and homeowners of Yashwin Hinjawadi got this hope, in a recent interaction with team VJ.

Like most of the webinars conducted by team VJ till now, this one kicked off with people's concerns about the real estate segment's current scenario. Aditya Javdekar, CEO, explained how real estate is a long term asset unlike stocks & gold and how these times have proved again that a home is a great investment. He expressed his confidence about organised real estate developers surviving this challenging phase.

Aditya Javdekar apprised everyone about the problems faced by the supply chain in real estate, and how VJ has been in constant touch with its vendors and suppliers, to kick-start the construction activities as soon as possible, as per government orders. He also told them about how 1600 labourers stuck at different VJ sites due to the lockdown, have been supported by team VJ, with 3 meals a day and sanitisation kits.

While discussing project specific updates, he praised the Maintenance team for managing the ready wings of Yashwin Hinjawadi. He told the residents to avail the newly-formed EPIC service by VJ, to fix any plumbing or electrical issues, free of cost. Updating about Wing C, he said that the internal cleaning work was in process and a revised possession update will be issued post the lockdown. With Wing B work on schedule, be assured timely possession of Wing B homes even if there was no construction activity till June 1, 2020.

He asked everyone to stay calm and not worry about possession delays as the work progress was being closely monitored. He also encouraged them to check out the VJ website, as it was being updated regularly for the convenience of VJ's home buyers.

The participants asked questions about possession of Wing B and the status of the commercial building, which were all answered positively and with complete transparency. Everyone felt a sense of relief and belief, because of a simple gesture of talking openly to everyone.