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A heart-to-heart conversation with homeowners of YashOne Hinjawadi


What does someone need the most when the future seems unsure? Well, they need someone to put an arm around their shoulder and reassure them that it will be fine. This is what our responsibility was and it is exactly what we did.

The lockdown raised many questions in the minds of the homeowners of YashOne Hinjawadi. From delivery timelines to payment schedule, they needed clarity. Aditya Javdekar, CEO and Sarvesh Javdekar, Technical Director, conducted an Open House Webinar for the homeowners of YashOne Hinjawadi.

The homeowners were assured about the project's construction progress. It was made clear to them that a lockdown, even till June 1, 2020, won't affect the existing project timelines. With 98% homes booked, they were assured about the project's financial health too.

Interesting discussions took place around the future of real estate, what VJ is doing to ensure earliest possible resumption of site work by discussing with the government authorities, and how VJ is taking care of the labourers at its project sites, amidst the lockdown.

Sarvesh Javdekar updated the homeowners about VJ's quality standards and third party checks that are followed rigorously. He elaborated upon VJ's revised specifications for safety & hygiene in the wake of this new global challenge. He also spoke about how VJ was planning to conduct webinars about the project's technical aspects for the homeowners.

The homeowners were told to follow VJ's continuosly updated website for all developments, without worrying about their under-construction home. Their relaxed faces, said it all.