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Facilitating a training session for the National Skill’s Competition

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World Skill’s Competition takes place every alternate year at a global level and participants come from different parts of the world to showcase their skills. CREDAI Kushal takes the initiative every time to train the participants going from India for this competition. This year, 8 participants from all 4 regions (North, South, East and West) have been selected in categories of Brickline work, wall and floor tiling, in which competitors will compete on basis of their skills at the National level. The India Skill’s Competition arranged by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is scheduled to happen in Noida from 2nd to 6th October 2018. From the set of 8 participants, 2 will get selected and will be eligible to participate in the World Skill’s Competition, scheduled in August 2019 at Kazan, Russia.

At VJ, we are highly committed to skill development and being involved with such great platforms. We have joined hands with CREDAI Kushal and arranged the trainings at the Portia site in Baner, Pune.

Interestingly, World Skills Competition 2015 winner Parshuram Naik is training the competitors in Brickline work and Shailendra Chauhan, one of the participants from 2017, is giving on- job training in wall and floor tiling.

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