An Unparalleled Story Of
Hope & Grit.

Chronicling the journey of Mr. Vilas and Mrs. Kalpana Javdekar through a life-changing phase in life.

Liver transplants are rare and the challenges they bring with them in personal and professional life are something we are not prepared for. Ruperi Kinar is a book by Mrs. Kalpana Javdekar as she captures the journey she lived through with her better half Mr. Vilas Javdekar during his liver ailment, and then donated her liver to bring a healthy life to him.

A soul-stirring narration of difficult times, medical challenges, complexities of a live liver transplant & the recovery, Mrs. Kalpana Javdekar takes us through a roller coaster of emotions as she makes us a witness of how she kept her faith and her family together during these unprecedented times in their personal lives.

Now available in the form of a podcast, Ruper Kinar is narrated in the voice of Shubhangi Gokhale.

Ruperi Kinar, now streaming on all popular podcast platforms